Lotto System – How to Choose a System That Really Works

Lotto System – How to Choose one that Really Works

Ever used a lotto system? Every week we see those lucky lotto winners on TV. They know all their past financial worries have evaporated as they pop open the cork on that bottle of champagne. They know that for the rest of their lives they’ll never have to work from 9 to 5, they’ll holiday in exotic locations, and live in that dream home with those two sports cars parked in the driveway. What are the chances of you and me ever winning? Zilch? – No, in fact you are dead wrong. It can happen to you and there are ways you can make this happen. Let’s go back and have a look at those lotto winners we recently saw on TV. Many had won just by chance. Maybe they were on their way home and they stopped in at the store and because they had a bit of spare change, they thought they’d buy a lotto ticket, when – Bham! They’ve won. But, what you maybe surprised to learn is that there are other lotto winners who’ve followed a more calculated route, whereby they’ve used a winning lotto system. Now, you may ask, what’s a lotto system?

A lotto system is based on lottery analysis and calculation, and this system will heighten your chance of choosing those winning lotto numbers. You may laugh, and I don’t blame you, but some of these systems really do work. You don’t believe me! Okay, I’ll show you, but let’s first look at the ones that DON’T work.

Spotting a Bad System

These systems are guaranteed to never work, and so they should be avoided at all cost. The first, and most common, is a system called ‘Wheeling’. With Wheeling’ you have to spend a couple of days following its complicated guidelines and then once you’ve grasped it, you’ll be spending all your money on tickets and your chances of winning will be exactly the same as if you had never used this system in the first place.

Another system was supposedly developed by a MIT professorand works on the principle of eliminating bad numbers and combinations. This lotto system is doomed to failure. The same can be said of some software which can supposedly predict imperfections in the lottery ball. Okay, I know, try not to laugh. Many times a system like this will be presented with over-the-top hype, but the end result is they’re all duds created by charlatans. Now, don’t let this dissuade you because there are actually some good ones out there and we’re going to look at one such system which has been around for years and is guaranteed to work.

A System That  Actually Works

The system we’re going to look at is called the Silver Lotto System, and here’s some amazing statistics: For those using it, the success rate is 80.3% and if you purchase the PRO system, it’s even higher at 98%. I know these figures seem unbelievable, but there are plenty of testimonials from lucky lotto winners to prove this. In fact, if you use this system, you can win as many as 9 games in 10. So how does this system work? The man you need to meet is a gentleman called Ken Silver. He cleverly devised this lotto system and it doesn’t involve any special software or programs. Ken basically used his mathematical skills to work out a formula which when applied to buying lotto tickets will ensure you’ll get the winning lotto numbers time-and-time again. This can be repeated using the same sequence of numbers each week. Using Ken’s system you can be ready to play your first lotto within 30 minutes of downloading his eBook. It’s that simple. If you really want to get started fast, his Pro lotto system will have you ready in less than 1 minute.

Ken’s been using this system himself and as a result of his winning lotto numbers, he owns a modern home with two sports cars in the driveway. If you visit Ken’s website, you can see his V12 Aston Martin Vanquish and black V12 Mercedes as well as the many letters from happy winners who’ve found success with Ken’s revolutionary system.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because you’ll be able to use the Silver Lotto System. Just make sure the game has 5 to 7 balls and up to 69 numbers. There aren’t many lotteries worldwide that don’t use this combination, except in Italy and Malta.

What Do You Get with the Silver Lotto System?

That’s a good question, so let’s have a look. As mentioned earlier, there are no programs or software to download with this lotto strategy; in fact all you need to download is a 51-page PDF manual. You don’t need to have a PHD in advanced mathematics because anyone can read and understand this simple guide. There are 10-pages of instructions which are written clearly and simply. If this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be ready to play your first lotto within 30 minutes.

Unlike other fly-by systems, Ken’s system has been around for 19 years. It’s become firmly established and has been the lotto system chosen by many lottery winners. In fact this system is so well-established that apart from receiving the 60-Day money back guarantee, Ken will allow you to ask for your money back if you don’t receive any winning lotto numbers in your first 2 months. Now that’s how confident he is with his method and after 19 years of selling it, he can’t be wrong.

You owe it to yourself to try Ken’s Silver Lotto System and in next to no time you’ll be joining the many other happy winners by leaving your testament on his website. Begin today by turning you fortune around and becoming a winner. You’ll soon be hearing that pop of the cork on that champagne bottle thanks to your winning lotto system.

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